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Here it is -- my looooong overdue second crochet page!! I plan to photograph more of my items as time goes on now that I have a nice little Olympus film camera I get along well with (and maybe one day I will actually have a digital camera I can figure out). What you see on these pages still represents a very tiny fraction of the items I have made since '79, but at least it will give you some idea of the types of items I have made recently and enjoy making the most.

When Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated the beautiful Gulf Coast in '05, I felt led to use my crochet ability to do a little something that might be a blessing to a few of the many thousands of people whose lives were turned upside down. I made over 60 face cloths, using two of my favorite dishcloth patterns but in a very soft yarn called Bernat Cottontots which is intended for baby garments. These pictures were taken by one of the area coordinators I sent some of the cloths to; the pics came out small so I will try to take a larger one in the future. These cloths are relaxing to make and a great take-along project for my work commute or weekday evenings.

This baby ghan is the same pattern as the Pineapple Strip afghan pictured on page 1, but made in baby size using Cottontots. It was sent to Donette in NY from one of my charity crochet lists, who distributes baby items quarterly to needy mothers at her local hospital.

I admit to being proud of this doily. I made it in '05 using #10 Cebelia thread and put it away for our new home. It has the fitting name of Pineapple Rose and I also had made one a few years before for my best friend Dianne in blue, yellow and white.

This is another doily I put away for our new home. I've only used this pattern the one time so far, but I really like it and may use it again sometime.

I got the grand idea in '05 of making an entire bedspread out of #10 cream Cebelia thread. I looked through all my thread motifs and picked out this one called Galaxy. They are fun to make and look beautiful, but I don't know when I'll have the time to get back to this project. This is as far as I've gotten so far! Each motif measures about 5", so I will need a whole lot more!

This afghan, made of 12" pineapple squares in Red Heart yarn (the same pineapple squares pictured in the red and white thread mat on page 1) in burgundy, plum, and windsor blue with Fiesta Buff trim, was started a few years ago and finished in '06. It was alao made for our new home. It measures a little over 60" square. The picture is a bit dark since it was taken with my digital camera that I don't get along well with.

This is the same pattern called "Sunburst" that I used for the yellow and white doily on page 1. It's one of my favorites to make and lends itself so well to being made in more than one color. This doily is presently being used on a dresser in our bedroom.

This is the only item I have made so far using a pattern done in mostly symbols. I prefer using patterns that are written out in words. But I liked this so thought I would give it a shot. It wasn't that bad, but I haven't decided whether I will make one of the symbols-only patterns again. I ended up giving this doily to Beverly, owner of our local crochet group that meets monthly, who I had as my Secret Sister. She loved it!

This is, of course, a Christmas afghan I fell in love with and wanted to make as soon as I saw the pattern (it's available online, name is "Holiday Delight"). I made this one in an online afghan exchange in '05; it went to Barbara in Maine. I then made myself an afghan with this pattern in '06, thinking at the time '06 would be our first Christmas in our new home, but instead I had to put it away for Christmas '07. Mine has all green wreaths (TLC Essentials yarn in Forest) with burgundy bows, and the background is Lion Brand Wool-Ease (a very nice acrylic yarn which is only 10% wool) in "ivory sprinkles". I'll post a picture here in the near future!

Here's yet another item for our new home. It measures about 24" and I used Aunt Lydia's #10 thread in burgundy, navy and violet. I think the color scheme blends perfectly with the Pineapple Square afghan above. This is another example of a pattern that was pictured in a solid color, but I knew it would lend itself perfectly to using a few harmonzing colors.

There are SO many more items I want to make and so little time. I hope there will be crocheting in heaven! I'm glad (and still somewhat surprised) to report that on Sept. 24, 2006, I FINALLY finished what was a work in progress for several years: a 55" square table cover consisting of 121 5" pineapple squares (11 x 11) mostly in ecru, with some dusty rose and jade green. I lost interest years ago for a few reasons: wishing I'd used higher quality thread (I used #10 South Maid and Grandma's Best); the jade green having been discontinued so that I couldn't arrange the jade squares in a flower stem as I originally planned (so I arranged them in a geometric design instead), and having decided to use peach as an accent color in my future home instead of rose. However, having already worked on the project for so long and being weary of stumbling across the pieces from time to time (and thinking, "Oh, THAT thing!"), I finished it at last, and I do expect to use on a small round table in our home. Will post a picture soon!

Thank you for viewing and reading about some of the creations I've crocheted in recent years! I have now added a third crochet page - click here or below! If you have a crochet or craft-related question or comment, please click here and use my special crochet contact form. This will go directly to my E-mail address, and I will reply as soon as I can. Then please visit the rest of my refuge!

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