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Since I started my first crochet page on my cyber refuge several years ago, computer monitors have gotten much larger, so the pictures you will see below of my more recently completed projects are likewise larger to show more of the details of my handiwork. I trust the screens of most of my visitors will be able to accommodate this larger size. Most of what you will see on this page, with a couple of exceptions, are items I made for, and currently on display in, our new home that we finally acquired in 2007. The pictures on this page were taken with the very nifty little Nikon Coolpix camera I bought from eBay and which, thankfully, has proven to be very user-friendly to this non-skilled photographer!

Here, at long last, is my longest-running project that I referred to at the end of crochet page 2. I had started it several years earlier, worked on intermittently, and finally completed in Sept. 2006. I think it turned out well in spite of the fact that I didn't have the wisdom at the outset to use premium thread for a project this size, and it is a nice addition to my sitting/crafts/computer room.

Here's a portion of a large afghan that presently sits on a rocker in the aforementioned room. I love this ghan! The background is Bernat Berella in "Soft Peach", a beautiful color that Bernat (and other yarn companies), for reasons that will always be a mystery to me, don't seem to make any more. The leaves are Bermat Berella in "Soft Forest Green" (which is not forest green but a nice medium seafoam) and the flowers are the rest of the unique one-of-a-kind burgundy multi-toned yarn I'd bought on eBay and which I had used to make the lapghan at the bottom of crochet page 1.

This ghan was made entirely with the Bernat Berella "Soft Peach" and presently sits on a recliner in our great room (sitting/family room). If it looks familiar, it is a larger version of the charity baby afghan pictured on page 2. It is made up of join-as-you-go hexagons and is one of my favorite afghan patterns to make, as well as being elegant-looking.

Here is an afghan consisting of 20 12" squares (so the completed size is 48" x 60"). This is a "sampler ghan", a few of the squares having been made by me and the others having been made by various exchange partners from online crochet lists. When I had enough squares to make an afghan, I decided on the order to assemble them and added a simple edging of green half-double crochet.

Next is a sampler afghan that is so special that I have posted three pictures of it in an effort to convey its beauty and uniqueness. I hoped to get all 56 squares into the bottom picture (with the help of Jean and Clare from my local crochet group; picture taken May 31, 2008); didn't quite make it but came close! This is my "Friends and Family" ghan which was a joint effort by me, my best friend Dianne, her mom Margaret, her three daughters, and one of her daughter's friends. I made 16 of the 8" squares; Dianne and her family and friends made 6 to 8 squares each. This was a group exchange where we picked out our yarn, gave some to each participant, and we each made 6 to 8 squares for each person's ghan, then we assembled our squares in the order we decided and added the edging. I think mine is the most beautiful ghan ever! The yarns are my beloved discontinued Bernat Berella "Soft Peach", the light green is Bernat Berella "Soft Forest", and the dark green is the beautiful but discontinued Bernat "Mardi Gras".

This is a dresserscarf, made with #10 Opera thread in Wintergreen, using the "Midnight Star" join-as-you-go motif. I didn't know when I decided on the size that it would fit this perfectly on my dresser! (I've abandoned the idea of making an entire bedspread using the Galaxy motif pictured on page 2. If I ever do decide to make an entire bedspread, I would be more likely to use this "Midnight Star" motif. It is more relaxing to make and I just prefer the appearance of it.)

I had wanted to make a filet crochet project for some time. I fell in love with this pattern as soon as I saw it since it also features two other elements I love - swans and a spiderweb design. I decided I was up to the challenge to create this runner for the coffee table in our great room. I used the same #10 Opera thread in Wintergreen as for the dresserscarf above.

This is the most recent ghan I made for my home. I've wanted to make a ghan in this blue and beige color scheme, even though blue is not one of my main decor colors (except for navy as an accent), as I love the "sand and sea" feeling it conveys. (That's Jean and Clare from Pierce County Crochet holding up the ghan in the second pic.) This ghan consists of 12 17" squares (3 x 4) made in diagonal brick stitch and then assembled in such a way as to form a geometric design. I used what has become my favorite yarn, the smooth and silky Bernat Satin, in Sable (which is not brown but a rich medium beige), the lighter blue is Sapphire and the dark blue is Admiral.

Something else I've been wanting to make for a long time is beaded doilies. Now I've made four this year (2008). I bought a package of very pretty mult-toned beads that have dark blue, purple and green tones in them, as I knew they would look nice on doilies made in any of those colors. The first three doilies I made with these beads is available online ("Shimmering Pineapple Doily"). The one on the left is #10 Opera thread in sage, and the one on the left is #10 Opera thread in hunter. I think I am going to keep these, but am not sure yet where to display them (I may use the hunter one just for Christmas). I also made this same doily with these same beads in a nice medium violet color and used it for a grab bag exchange of our local crochet group. Beverly, the group owner, received and loved it.

After I completed the three "Shimmering Pineapple" doilies, I still had some of the pretty beads left, but it didn't appear there were enough for a fourth doily. One doily uses 288 beads and I had 240 left. I really liked the beads, so I wanted to figure out a way to put them to good use. I decided to see if I had a non-beaded doily pattern in which I could incorporate exactly 240 beads. Using my math skills, I figured out a way to do that on a pattern called "Welcoming Oval", and this is the result! I also plan to keep this one but am likewise not sure yet just where to display it.

As I write this, the above doily is winging its way to Lisa in Texas, co-owner of a very nice crochet message board I discovered a few months ago, Crochetmania, which features optional swaps as well as just being a nice place for fellow crochet enthusiasts to discuss our crochet passion and just get to know each other. Lisa is making me a purse, which I am looking forward to receiving, in exchange for my making her a large doily. This pattern is called "Blue Danube Centerpiece" and was pictured entirely in blue, but as soon as I saw it, I envisioned it with the round motifs in various colors and the lacy edgings in green to resemble leaves. I used #10 Opera thread in tapestry rose (the dark rose), parasol pink, cream, and sage. I think it measures about 20". I feel it turned out great and I hope she loves it!

This brings us up to date as of this writing (June, 2008) on my most recent projects! What I am planning next (in addition to charity projects such as scarves, dishcloths and lapghans as time permits) is something I have been itchy to get going on for a long time - to create elegant gowns for my many Barbie dolls. I have many beautiful patterns and plan to get at least a few completed and ready to display in my home by year's end. I also plan to make more afghans in the future using my favorite yarn, Bernat Satin. God willing, I will have enough of these projects completed in the next couple of years to add a crochet page 4. In the meantime, thank you for reading about my most recent (and some of my most cherished) projects. So much yarn, thread and patterns, and so little time!

If you have a crochet or craft-related question or comment, please click here and use my special crochet contact form. This will go directly to my E-mail address, and I will reply as soon as I can. Then please visit the rest of my refuge!

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