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Hi! Welcome to my cyber refuge, built here in the beautiful "Evergreen State" (Washington). I knew NOTHING about building a web page when I first signed up in March '98, but I gradually taught myself and have my refuge to show for it. There are excellent resources on the Net to walk you through the whole process, but sometimes I still can't believe I built this nifty site (brag, brag)!.

"Home" from April, 1992 to June, 2007 was a tiny, rundown 70's singlewide mobile. The original game plan was to build a log house on our property. We weren't able to make that happen, but 2007 was finally the year our living conditions vastly improved at last. This site now includes a home planning blog, My Dream Realized. We moved into our lovely new triplewide in June '07 and love it!

Rex and I were married on April 7, 1979 (also his birthday!). When we moved onto our present acreage in '92, we adopted two beautiful Great Pyrenees dogs, Tessa and her brother Farley, both born 7/21/92 and adopted by us as puppies. Farley and Tessa were age 2-1/2 in our family pic above, which was our 1995 Christmas card photo. Our darling Farley died on 5/30/03 and our Tessa passed on 7/3/04. The pup on the right looks just like Farley as a baby. We also had a sweet Samoyed, Colby, for 7 years till he died at age 11 on 3/21/09. Our much-loved Heidi, another beautiful Pyr, was with us for 7 years and ten months till she passed at almost age 12 on 11/21/09.

We proceeded to adopt three more beloved doggies. We rescued Archie, a handsome young male Pyr (born 12/11/01) on 7/26/03. He grew quite a bit his first year with us, and before long, his build and the way he moved reminded us quite a bit of Farley. On 4/23/04, Jesse, another male Pyr born 2/12/03, joined our family. He reminded us very much of Gus, a much loved Pyr/yellow Lab we adopted in March, 2000 who suddenly was taken from us on 1/13/02 from an apparent stroke, at approximately age 7. Sadly, we lost Jesse on 5/19/15, then had to say goodbye to Archie only two months later, on 7/24/15.

As of 2017, we have three dogs and two rabbits. We adopted Susie (who is 3/4 Border Collie and 1/4 Great Pyrenees, who was born 9/10/08, on 12/9/09. Then we adopted Titus ("Ty"), a 2-year-old Great Pyrenees who physically resembles Heidi, in late Dec., 2014. And we adopted Jasmine ("Jazz"), my baby girl, who resembles a smaller version of Heidi, in April, 2017. Great Pyrs look a bit like polar bears and have a protective yet very sweet temperament. We have no kids so they are our "kids". Read more about them on my F.U.R.B.A.L.L.S. pages! Farley was among 10% of Pyrs with a "mask"; Tessa, Archie, Heidi and Ty were/are classic all-white Pyrs, while Jesse and Gus looked like smaller, slimmer all-white Pyrs. Susie doesn't look much like a Pyr except for her almost all white coloring, but everyone who sees her agrees she is a cutie! As for our rabbits, Fred and Barney, we adopted them as babies in July, 2014. I'll be writing more about them on my narrative blog.

The smallest member of our household for almost five years was a cute black and orange shorthaired guinea pig, Popeye, who joined our household in Sept. 2000 and passed on 7/20/05. Since then, we proceeded to gradually acquire many more piggies, mostly from our county's branch of freecycle.com. I'm sad to report that as of 2014, all 17 of the piggies we adopted since 2000 have passed on. I sure wish guinea pigs (and doggies) lived longer! I added a third "Furballs" page here, having realized the couple of paragraphs that were on the top of my doggies' page was not enough to do justice to these sweet, tiny members of our household. So please visit "Cavalcade of Cavies", a/k/a "Furballs 3", to learn more about our fondly remembered piggies.

I've worked in various financial and/or marketing environments as an high-level admin assistant in Seattle and Chicago. In May '06 I started working at a small but active continuing education provider in a nearby town where my commute is half as long as my previous commute to Seattle. I have occasionally sold craft-related and other gift items via online auctions, and have offered web site building/design services to those wanting a personal or small business site. During my weekday ferry commutes (and on evenings and weekends during Internet breaks!), I crochet table runners, doilies, Christmas ornaments, Barbie dresses, afghans, etc. and will also take orders for any of the above. Please visit my crochet pages on this site and Comfort N'Joy Crochet, my updated crochet album, to see examples of my custom work!

I have often remodeled this page since first starting my site in '98. But I kept the following poem, written by Francine Pucillo. She has the ability to evoke strong and widely varying emotions with simple 5 to 7-syllable lines; one of her poems also appears on my September 11 page. Following an unsettling span of several years, but hopeful about the changes that are now unfolding, I have regrets but have also learned some life lessons and look ahead to what the road of life will bring next.

Gentle breezes flowing
My life within the air
Thoughts of passing seasons
Suddenly appear

Time goes by so swiftly
You turn around it's gone
Pages quickly turning
Another diary bound

Road of journey longer
It seems to never end
Picking up the pieces
Sometimes we have to mend

Heart in deep reflection
Of choices I have made
Hoping that with wisdom
The lessons never fade

Looking to my own soul
With peace perhaps I'll see
Road in life I've paved now
Will travel on smoothly

Thoughts of life consumed now
With precious memories
Smile in sweet surrender
Contented heart appeased.

~Francine Pucillo~
used with permission

Rex and I are Christians who have attended Baptist, Nazarene, Evangelical Free and non-denominational churches. We church-hopped quite a bit before settling into a small non-denominational Bible church at Easter 2001. I personally attended that church (which we joined in '03) until June '08, rotated on the worship team, and created the church's new web site in fall '06; I continued to maintain and update the site till June '08. But my attendance was sporadic; I somehow felt something was missing, and I knew what it was. I needed more structure and tradition in my worship experience. That's what I found in a small Lutheran church I attended for almost a year. I hated to leave that church. But due to disagreement with some policies of the ELCA (governing body), I proceeded to seek another church I would like as well. I finally ended up back in another contemporary church, where I did find the Christian fellowship I needed but not the style of worship experience I longed for. I returned to the Lutheran church - but as of 2015, I'm again in transition church-wise, seeking a traditional and liturgical (yet friendly and active) church within reasonable distance of our home. Will update this page and my narrative blog when I get that figured out. (Click here for my Christian testimony and to learn how we got together and ended up in Washington!)

My interests page includes info on people, movies, TV shows and activities that are meaningful to me. I am in the process of removing the links to each of the people and things I discuss there, since the links tend to change and I figure you can easily Google anyone or anything you want more info on!

If you think we have anything in common (especially from my "interests" page), feel free to send me a message by clicking here for my contact form. I spend a lot of time alone and enjoy meeting people who have visited my refuge. And if you are a first-time visitor, please be sure to sign my guestbook! I love visitors and want to have a record of everyone who visits, but am amazed at the number of people who have mentioned visiting and yet never sign in. It only takes a few seconds and I'd really appreciate it! You'll find a "sign" link at the bottom of most of my sections. God bless....

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