You are about to enter The Evergreen Refuge -- a place of beauty, comfort and inspiration on the Web. I've put my heart and soul into this site since its humble beginnings in March, 1998, and I'm so glad to share it with you!

I also fully realize that in the past few years, the trend has shifted strongly toward blogs and online photo albums in favor of extensive multi-part web sites such as mine. I too have an active blog and online photo album, and have concentrated more on updating my current activities at The Evergreen Refuge Blog and my ongoing photo album of crochet projects.

I've removed a few sections from The Evergreen Refuge and don't presently plan to update the remaining sections after August, 2012, with the exception of status updates on our current brood of "furry kids" on the "Furballs" pages (and maybe a few other significant life events). However, the content of The Evergreen Refuge as it presently stands is timeless, and I plan to leave it online to be enjoyed by visitors for the foreseeable future. So without further adieu -- please click the banner below to enter The Evergreen Refuge -- and please remember to sign the guestbook. God bless! (Terese, creator of The Evergreen Refuge, August, 2012)

P.S. Please also bookmark the following copies of my site. If for any reason I should be unable to renew my paid domain and/or paid web host, you should still be able to access The Evergreen Refuge at one or both of these locations, as of Sept. 2017: