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It actually hasn't been THAT long since I added my 3rd crochet page to my refuge. But I've been a busy little crocheter since then and find I actually have enough new items to make TWO new crochet pages! It is August 2009 as I write this, and this is the first of these two new pages. Please be sure to look at both pages -- I have so many projects I am anxious to show you, especially my DOLLS (this page will feature Barbies, while page 5 will have four of my larger dolls) and an afghan I sort of partially designed (also on the next page!) In an attempt to show my projects in approximate chronological order (VERY approximate), I'll begin with two earlier projects that somehow seem to be missing from the previous pages:

I made this ghan back in the summer of '03; it's the same pineapple pattern as the solid burgundy lapghan on page 1, and it's in our master bedroom. It's one of those rare projects that I remember what was happening at the time I made it since it was such a weird time: my senior girl dog Tessa died, I broke a finger and needed stitches in my wrist breaking up a fight between our dogs Archie and Jesse and had to stop working on this ghan for several weeks, we learned my mother-in-law was terminally ill, AND I got laid off (from a job I didn't like at all, but still...). That was July '03 - thankfully, it's been uphill since then!

This lapghan, which I sent off to an online group for charity purposes in '06, was made from a versatile pattern called "Beth's Little Star", which is available online (just enter those words into any search engine). I've also used this pattern for dishcloths (nice in patriotic colors) and even doilies; I like the fact that you can make it any size you need to, using any yarn or thread, and it is so easy and relaxing to make.

I believe this was only the second pattern I've made using a symbols-only pattern. It was a little challenging, but fun and very pretty. I think I sent it off last year for one of my online crochet exchanges, but I can't remember who I sent it to!

OK, on to the Barbie dresses! It's actually been a couple of years since I made this gown - then I didn't get restarted with dressing more of my Barbies till several months ago. This pattern is called "Pineapple Swirls" and it's available online. I bought her hair ornament (along with the shoes, panties and stands for my present and future completed Barbies) from eBay.

This is the second Barbie I completed. The outfit is called "Dotted Delight" - it's the only beaded Barbie dress I've made so far but won't be the last. Her dress came out a bit short (which I later discovered has to do with hook size and the fact that I crochet tightly) but other than that, I love the way she turned out.

I then decided to try making a Barbie angel from the booklet "Crochet Fashion Doll Angels", designed by Jane Espinoza, and if that went well, that I would crochet a series of Barbie angels in pastel colors (who says angel gowns have to be white?) This one is "Angel of Peace" and I used #10 Opera thread in cream. I realized I would indeed enjoy making and having a series of the angels - and that I would also like to make one for two very special ladies in my life. So......

My dear friend Dianne's birthday was coming soon and I decided to make her a Barbie angel. I selected the "Angel of Love" from the aforementioned booklet and used #10 Clea thread in a pretty pink/white/blue variegated. She loved the angel and has her displayed in her living room.

I was pleased with the first two angels I made, but their skirts were coming out a bit short even though I used a size 5 hook instead of the specified size 7. For the next angels, I switched to a size 3 hook, and it made a lot of difference. This gal, called "Angel of Joy", was the second angel I made to keep and is tied for my 2nd favorite. I used #10 Opera thread in wintergreen.

Here's the third angel I made to keep, "Angel of Hope". I used #10 Opera thread in wood violet.

After completing the first few angels, I heard the sad news that my dear sister-in-law's husband, Joe, had passed away. So I wanted to make her an angel and she said she would like one in blue. I used the "Angel of Peace" pattern that I used for my first angel since I really liked that pattern and wanted to see the difference the larger hook would make in her gown length (which it definitely did). I used Aunt Lydia's #10 thread in delft blue. Val appreciated receiving her angel and I hope she brought some comfort.

The fourth angel I made to keep is the same "Angel of Love" pattern I used for Dianne's. Again, the larger hook made a big difference in her skirt length. I used #10 Clea thread in peach.

There were 5 angel gowns in the booklet, and this worked out well since I had room, on top of our entertainment center in our "great room", to display exactly 5 in their display cases - and I decided to use #10 0pera in straw (gold). But when I started that 5th pattern from the same booklet, unlike the other 4, I realized I didn't enjoy doing the stitch required and definitely didn't want to make this pattern. What to do? I tried another angel gown from another source but didn't like it either. What to do? Well, I would take stab at finding a Barbie dress pattern that would make a good angel gown, and then I would figure out what to do about her wings and halo. I decided on "Silhouette Dress", which I'd made in the past for craft fairs, and just make the straight part of her skirt a couple inches longer. Beautiful! Now inspired, since she had to have wings and a halo, I did something I honestly never did before in all my years of crocheting. I made up her wings and halo as I went along, using the same stitch as the dress, and comparing to the other angels' wings and halo to get the size right. They came out great, and this angel is my co-favorite along with the blonde "Angel of Joy". In a way, I guess she is my favorite, since her improvised wings and halo make her one of a kind!

After making these 7 angels, I took a break from Barbie clothes, but have now started again. I've begun a gown for my Asian Barbie in a beautiful variegated rose/purple/blue, and then I hope to begin a wedding party including a magnificent bride, my first Ken outfit for the groom, two bridesmaids and a flower girl. These and more projects will be unveiled, God willing, on the future crochet page 6! But for now, please proceed to page 5!

If you have a crochet or craft-related question or comment, please click here and use my special crochet contact form. This will go directly to my E-mail address, and I will reply as soon as I can. Then please visit the rest of my refuge!

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